• thermal pallet cover

    Cold Chain Management

    Astro-Cooler® Products reflect 97% of radiant heat to keep your cargo cool without refrigeration. Passive cold chain protection.

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  • protect from freeze

    Protect from freeze

    Astro-Cooler® Products not only insulates but also reflects your cargo's own warmth back in on itself. Passive freeze protection.

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  • thermal pallet covers

    Pallet Covers

    For airfreight shipments, wheather in transit or on the tarmac. Our thermal pallet covers protect each pallet from harsh temperature changes.
    Custom sizes available.

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  • cargo quilt


    Our patent pending Pallet Covers are custom programmed for your temperature profile; Emitting or absorbing energy to passively prevent excursion.

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Passive Thermal Packaging for Ambient Pharmaceuticals

Ambient Pharmaceuticals

New guidelines for ambient cold chain management

International guidelines now require the Pharma industry and their cold chain partners to continuously monitor the temperature of ambient pharmaceuticals. Thus creating new challenges for logistics managers across the globe. Astro-Cooler® Products Provide protection from tarmac spikes, last mile weather changes and other short lived but dramatic temperature variations.

Payload - Payoffs

Payload size dramatically effects the bottom line

One of the main advantages of our passive thermal packaging is that it conforms to the shape of your product, thus reducing the payload size. Rigid packaging requires your cargo to "fit" into the packages contours. Any excess space in the container is wasted profit. Our flexible thermal covers offer protection to your shipment only. No more paying top dollar to transport dead airspace.

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Passive Thermal Packaging for Cold Chain Management.